Vitrified tiles vs Wooden flooring

Banner-1Many customers are confused concerning selecting flooring for his or her dream home. Whether or not to settle on vitreous tiles or to settle on wooden floors. Each of them have their benefits and downsides. During this post we are going to see benefits and downsides for each.

What is vitreous tile?

Vitrified tile could be a ceramic tile created victimization verification. Such tiles have terribly low porousness (ability to soak up fluids). This fashion they’re stain-resistant and powerful. This fashion they’re different to marble and granite flooring that has even higher porousness.


There ar numerous kinds of vitreous tiles on the market in market. Following ar few.

Double-charged vitreous tiles: These vitreous tiles are written with double layer of pigment that is 3-4 metric linear unit thicker than alternative vitreous tiles. This ends up in durable tiles surfaces.

Glazed vitreous tiles: Layer of glaze is additional to vitreous tiles body. It permits numerous inventive textures and ends for vitreous tiles like natural wood finish, natural rustic stone end etc.

SST vitreous tiles: These ar Soluble Salt Tiles. This is often least expensive and oldest technique of making style on vitreous tiles body victimization liquid color screen printing. It’s not as durable as alternative varieties.

Full body vitreous tiles: These tiles has the pigment in entire body. Which implies scratches and wears are going to be hardly noticeable.

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Qualities of vitreous tiles:

  • Extremely onerous and non-wearing
  • Stain resistant / Chemical-resistant
  • Fire Proof
  • Wide vary of aesthetic styles and finishes
  • Pre-polished and simple installation

What is wooden floors?

Wooden flooring is factory-made from timber. It’s used for structural purpose or aesthetics purpose. It provides exquisite wood end to floors. Wooden floors is oldest approach of covering floor that is in use since centuries.


There ar chiefly 2 kinds of wooden floors.

Solid hardwood flooring:

Solid hardwood ar factory-made from planks processed from one piece of timber. Originally they were used for structural functions. They be sanded and finished additional times compared to designed wooden floors. It conjointly has thicker wear surfaces.

Engineered wood flooring:

Engineered wooden floors consists of 2 or additional layers of wood in type of planks. Designed wooden floors is most used flooring sort within the world. It’s put in victimization glue rather than nailing that is employed for Solid wood flooring.

    Wooden flooring                                  vs                       Vitreous flooring

Pre-polished and simple installation                                  relatively complicated installation procedure

Relatively tougher and long-wearing                                 comparatively fragile

Stain/Chemical/ Resistant                                                   No

Fire Proof                                                                              No

Virtually Maintenance Free                                                  Relatively higher maintenance

Affordable                                                                             Relatively dearly-won

Wide range of style and finishes                                         Limited wood textures and finishes

Looking at however vitreous tiles technology have evolved, vitreous tiles is quick turning into obvious selection for flooring of late. Digital printing technology offer natural trying textures and finishes that matches natural marble or wood finishes in term of aesthetic qualities. In terms of alternative qualities vitreous tiles clearly has fringe of the other sort of flooring.

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