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KOLKATA: After the kitchen and toilets, the most important areas in a dwelling place are the bedrooms. Vastu stipulates location of the bedroom and orientation of the bed with other furniture within the bedroom space and nature of the occupants, keeping in view the role of the ‘panch bhutas’ or the five elements – earth, air, water, fire and space.

Experience shows that to implement vastu guidelines within a bedroom, the size of a bedroom should not be less than 11 ft. x 11 ft. in order to accommodate a 5 ft. x 7 ft. bed, 2 ft. wide wardrobe, dressing table with sufficient moving (circulation) space.

Common Features in Layout of Bedrooms

a. The bed should be placed with headboard toward east, south or west.

b. The southwest zone of the room should be the location of heavy furniture where the wardrobe may be located. Valuables and cash should be placed at the southwest corner of the wardrobe and cash box ought to face north.

c. The dressing table may be placed on the north wall, so that there is minimum reflection of the mirror on the persons sleeping. As a safe guard, a curtain may be hung over the mirror when not in use.

d. The door of the bedroom should open inside the room.

e. Avoid placing a TV or God’s picture in the bedroom. Also avoid placing metal utensils below the bed.

f. One may place rubber plant (one of the indoor plants) in the bedroom, since it generates oxygen at night.

g. Ensure that the toilet door of the attached toilet is fixed with a door closure so that it is always kept closed when not in use.

h. Avoid sleeping below overhead beams.

i. Try to ensure that the northeast zone of the bedroom is very light, and the bedroom is not loaded with excess furniture which will greatly reduce the overall element space or ‘akash’ in the dwelling space causing mental stress and loss of creativity.

j. No one should ever sleep with head toward north as is causes serious health problems.


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