Commercial property in Bhiwadi

Bigg Boss 9: All the people we wish would come to the show 713

The Bigg Boss season is upon us and the rumour mills are working overtime, trying to speculate who will grace our television sets for more than three months this time. Salman Khan is definitely returning to the show but what about the contestants? We have come up with a list […]

Problems faced by second/third home buyers while re-selling their property 320

While investing in a second or third home, a buyer need to take a few steps to safeguard their investment. Since the house will not be occupied by the buyer there are chances of them being the victim of fraud wherein the house has been sold to multiple owners by […]

Why Property of Bhiwadi is growing more ? 539

As Bhiwadi is well known as industrial Town and also as gateway to Rajasthan, Bhiwadi in Alwar district is a tier 2 city spread over area of 5300 acres having over 2500 operational industries. Bhiwadi has seen development at fast pace and become is one of important towns in Delhi […]


There is an increasing desire to protect the environment In  other  instances,  subjective  judgements  were  rendered through  clean-up  activities  and  legislation.  Most  of  the from subjects by viewing colour slides, swatches, light, or focus has been on the natural environment, yet the person made  environment  has  been  meeting  our  basic […]

CONCRETE compounding RATIOS 533

When creating concrete it is vital to use the right concrete compounding ratios to supply a robust, sturdy concrete combine. To make concrete there square measure four basic materials you need: hydraulic cement, sand, mixture (stone), and water. The magnitude relation of mixture to sand to cement is a very […]

10 Innovative cheap Housing styles for property Living 538

These days, additional and additional individuals square measure moving to dense metropolises like the big apple and port of entry seeking the amenities and opportunities found in massive cities. however as town populations increase, therefore will the value of living, departure low-income residents with fewer selections for cheap housing. Historically, […]

Leakage of water, waterproofing leakage

Importance of Waterproofing In Apartment 574

Water-proof or water resistant describes objects comparatively unaffected by water or resisting the ingress of water below such conditions. Such things is also employed in wet environments or below water to such depths. Waterproofing describes creating associate object waterproof or water resistant (such as a camera, watch or mobile phone). […]

Real estate evaluation: Crossing the ‘insurmountable’ hurdle 375

The real estate sector in India lacks a standard process for valuation of prices. Unlike in the West, there are no standard agencies in India that value real estate properties. Individual investors in real estate may, therefore, find it daunting to narrow down on a fair-price range for theproperty of their choice. Evaluating real estate is roundly difficult, if not impossible. It involves two major steps. The first is to take the prevailing valuation […]

Property in Bhiwadi, Krish Group Celebrates earth Day in Bhiwadi

Krish Vatika Reality Awards

Cabinet amends real estate bill to eliminate illegal practices 2122

The Cabinet has amended a bill to regulate the real estate sector, protect home buyers and curb undeclared black money in property markets that costs the exchequer billions of dollars in lost taxable income. The decision by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government to amend the bill, which was submitted by the previous […]