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Saudi diplomat accused of raping, torturing 2 Nepali women, leaves India with wife: Sources 554

A day after the Ministry of External Affairs sought a detailed report from the police on the issue of a Saudi diplomat accused of raping two Nepali women, sources say that the diplomat has left India along with his wife. Under article 29 of the Vienna Convention, the diplomat enjoys […]


There is an increasing desire to protect the environment In  other  instances,  subjective  judgements  were  rendered through  clean-up  activities  and  legislation.  Most  of  the from subjects by viewing colour slides, swatches, light, or focus has been on the natural environment, yet the person made  environment  has  been  meeting  our  basic […]

Low inventory could take bloom off spring home sales 550

Home costs area unit commencing to grow at a quicker pace once more, that isn’t smart for the spring market. Sticker shock was behind weak sales in 2014, however as worth gains began to ease, patrons came back. currently costs area unit heating up once more as a result of […]

Architectural glass Define the shape of the Building 351

Architectural glass is glass that’s used as a artefact. it’s most generally used as clear glazing material within the building envelope, together with windows within the external walls. Glass is additionally used for internal partitions And as an branch of knowledge feature. once utilized in buildings, glass is usually of […]

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Six predictions for 2020 and on the far side 514

The ever-changing property landscape can have substantial implications for the real estate investment community, that we have a tendency to highlight below and describe in more detail partly three: Implications for property methods. The world investable property universe can expand considerably, leading to an enormous enlargement in chance, particularly in […]

India’s property hangover: Discounts, gold to cure multi-billion dollar backlog 463

  India`s debt-laden property developers are turning to deep discounts, free parking spots and even gimmicks like gifts of gold coins and motorbikes as they struggle to sell billions of dollars worth of as-yet unfinished homes. Now outstripping China as the world`s fastest-growing major economy according to official data, India […]

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What you must look for while buying an apartment 569

Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA) recently sealed a building in Kottivakam for unauthorized construction. The builder, who had received permission to construct two floors with six residential units, instead constructed eight units. Cases involving unauthorised or illegal construction have become prevalent in the city, making it difficult for home buyers […]