Rent & Resale services for Your Properties in Bhiwadi 375

Krish Group has very good relationship with their customers. Now Krish Group enhancing their relationship with their customers by starting a new rent & retail services. Krish group thought that some customers may not be our immediate end Users. Our team assists every customer to rent & resale your properties. To protect our customer from unwanted commissions we directly provide this services from Builder end.


Apartments in Bhiwadi

Cheap Residential Property in Bhiwadi

No need to Broker, No need to Brokerage


Krish Group made this very easy with a comfortable user interface Portal. Now our needy customer who wants to re-sell & rent their property fill their form on our site and our executives starts to working on their need after a call confirmation.


Process of Deal finalize:


  • Open this Link : Click Here
  • Fill form as according to your need & demand
  • Confirmation Call from our executive
  • Search for relevant Match
  • Discuss filtered result with you
  • Deal Close after your confirmation
  • Documentation for your deal

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