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RE/MAX Gujarat organizes the tremendous real estate insights in a conference held every month on various realty topics. This week, they held a one-day Broker Owner Conference at YMCA International Centre on 15th of March. Such real estate business meet was indeed a motivational event that showed up a very true skill to deal with Customer Satisfaction, Market Variables and Profitability!!!

The conference witnesses the dynamic presentations including the most inspiring speeches from market gurus such as Wg. Cdr. Rajneesh and Prof Anand Sharma of IIM. The case studies and real-time field solutions were discussed on the companies like XEROX. The session aimed at Customer Satisfaction, Quality and Return on Assets”. Nirav Vakharia and Harit Parikh from RE/MAX had also shared superb realty solutions through their success stories.

From RE/MAX (Gujarat) Regional Owner
Honorable Regional Owner of RE/MAX Gujarat – Mr. Manan Choksi expressed his great field experience and beliefs about the industry. He shared his accurate viewpoints on “how to earn more by personal promotion”. It was truly an important part of session when the attendees came across to know several fantastic marketing strategies.

Pranav Pandya, the franchise development manager at RE/MAX Gujarat also came up with good details about reality solutions. They also gave appropriate replies to the questions asked by regional team to understand their work style, needs and expectations. It was all an outstanding experience from RE/MAX Gujarat office and broker offices.

Ms. Krutika Mehta presented how they are working on franchise sales, lead generations and seeking the views of broker owners on “how to keep relationship maintained with these prospects for a longer period of time”.

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