IIT Mumbai faculty member crystal rectifier kSPL receives $500K funding from realty house in Indore 164

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Incubated in circular function, IIT Bombay, kWatt Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (kSPL) that aims to economize renewables, received a funding of $0.5 million from a true estate house in Indore. With alternative energy booming in Asian country and clean energy presently focussed, kSPL is sound into this sector with a vision to create renewable energy reasonable and economically viable for all.
IIT Mumbai academic, Dr Chetan Singh Solanki based kSPL that has currently adult into six verticals capturing the length and breadth of the domains within the field of alternative energy.

Dr. Chetan Singh Solanki says,

We believe that being related to an instructional establishment like IIT Mumbai has ensured that the kSPL team is continually updated and evolving with the most recent technology in alternative energy giving it the specified technical edge and superior quality. we are going to use the funds to grow exponentially within the verticals and expand in terms of business and team.

Initiated in Sep 2013, kSPL could be a technology-driven company with a vision to “solarize” the long run of Asian country and save money renewables. With the experience of a robust core team comprising of IIT Mumbai graduates, kSPL offers tailored comprehensive alternative energy solutions right from style and engineering to installation and maintenance with in-house coaching for individuals within the star business.

kSPL was initiated with the thought to cater to the massive open market of power shoppers within the power unit vary, that conjointly resonates with the company’s name.

The six verticals and reasonable star product by kSPL

Currently, kSPL has six verticals in synchronise with its vision; S-Park, S-Life, S-SparQ, S-Entrepreneur, S-Rooftop and S-Lab. exploitation S-Park, one will ‘own’ and ‘invest’ in a very solar energy plant. Today, kSPL has broached into power unit scale power generation providing keeper alternative energy solutions by redefining the construct of star Park. presently below construct stage, S-Life could be a series of distinctive star high-powered campuses that area unit used for twin functions, star coaching and recreation. S-SparQ could be a set of tailored coaching modules to impart theoretical and sensible information and build students ‘solar smart’.

Under the vertical S-Entrepreneur, individuals area unit authorised with business acumen by coaching to achieve bent foreign places to eventually solarize pan Asian country. With secured star plant performance and warranted returns, S-Rooftop could be a remunerative monetary model for each the person eager to install solar energy and also the capitalist. S-Lab could be a comprehensive vary of state of the art star laboratory setups developed in-house by the kSPL technical school team. A one-of-a-kind low price spectral response kit is currently developed as a district of this S-Lab.

In addition to those, kSPL has conjointly developed a variety of low price electrical device chargers below the banner “battery solarizer” (www.batterysolarizer.com). These chargers boast of quick charging Associate in Nursingd an integral compass to assist good orientation of the electrical device for economical charging. different product embody a star fountain, star garbage can and a star hybrid cycle. Atul Kumar Jain (ex-IITB), Head R&D team kSPL, says, “Currently, the main target of the kSPL development team is to deliver the most effective quality and potency with lowest price.”

Current comes of kSPL and future plans

In the one-and-half years since its conception, kSPL has with success established the business and lit up the lives of as several as ten,000 individuals and with success dead several comes within the kilowatt range; the most recent being a a hundred kilowatt grid connected star plant at GNIT, Hyderabad. kSPL has already sold-out 2000 Aakash chargers and twenty five useful chargers to IIT Mumbai and fifty home lighting systems to Tata Trust.

The kSPL development team
It has conjointly adult speedily from atiny low team of 3 in 2013 to a various multifunctional team of thirty in 2015 handling the domains of style, engineering and selling. conjointly a branch workplace of kSPL in Indore is currently purposeful.

Since its origination, the kSPL has terribly sturdy foundation with its style capabilities, technically sound product and ball-hawking team of individuals and attributable to this Dr. Chetan Singh Solanki believes that it’ll grow exponentially attributable to the ever increasing demand of solar energy comes in Asian country within the kilowatt and MW scale. Talking concerning future plans, he has expressed the need to spot the opportunities within the six verticals and take advantage of them.

With Associate in Nursing formidable arrange to win the formidable a hundred GW put in capability of solar energy by 2022 as unreal by MNRE, these area unit exciting times ahead for the alternative energy sector in Asian country, and kSPL is one in every of the quickest growing startups to appear out for within the close to future.

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