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K HarmonyPainting a wall or two in your home seems like a quick and easy task but sometimes the work is more then meets the eye. To help you tackle the paint process, read these quick tips so you can maximize your time and energy and, most importantly, get a beautifully painted wall that you took care of yourself.

Krish Homes current issue features an article about smart tips for painting interiors. Various experts weigh in to offer ideas, tricks and suggestions about technique, colour selection and style to make this seemingly easy task, truly easy.

Tip #1: Paint the furniture the same colour as the walls to create a sculptural look in your space.

Tip #2: Paint the entire room the same colour, including the ceiling. Leaving a white ceiling tends to make the room feel lower then it is. (This is especially true when you have dark walls.)

Tip #3: If you are going to paint your floors, consider painting your rug. You can make a layout and design the space.

Tip #4: To create more height, try painting one room in 2 different finishes. If you’ve painted your wall with a flat finish, try painting the ceiling in a glossier finish.

Tip #5: Paint the moulding the same colour as the walls and ceiling will also create height.

Tip #6: Go by the 8 ft rule. If the ceiling is less then 8 ft high, paint the ceiling 2 shades lighter then the wall colour. If the ceiling is higher then 8 ft, paint the ceiling 2 shades darker then the wall colour.

Tip #7: Use flat paints in low-humidity spaces like the hallway and semi-gloss paints in high-humidity spaces, like the kitchen or bathroom.

Tip #8: Use a pearl finish on walls in a long and narrow space. This will create a luminescence and add more space.

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